Primrose Impact


 Impact of pupils’ learning will be assessed in the following ways:

  • Formative assessment through teacher feedback
  • Pupil responses – this may be evidenced in class floor books and will give an indication of children’s understanding.
  • IMPACT end of unit activities that allow children to collate and present their learning in independent and creative ways.
  • Summative assessment will identify children who have reached expected standards and those working either above or below.



Subject leaders regularly complete book and planning scrutinies to ensure there is no mismatch between the planned and the delivered curriculum.

  • Book, planning and pupil questioning will demonstrate whether pupils successfully ‘learn the curriculum’ and are using specific subject specific vocabulary effectively.
  • In KS1 subject specific ‘floor books’ will provide evidence of our wide ranging creative curriculum as well as recording individual pupils’ thoughts and understanding of their learning.
  • In KS2 floor books will complement and celebrate the range of activities completed.
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