Primrose Geography


From the moment we are born, it is our instinct to begin to explore our world around us with all our senses.

At Primrose Lane we feel it is important to nurture and encourage that natural curiosity, to shape and direct it to turn the children into inquisitive, questioning learners who look closely at the world around them and begin to be able to interpret what they see. As a whole school we look at countries around the world and learn about the similarities and differences between British culture and others.

In Little Learners and Red Class (Reception), Geography comes under the curriculum area of ‘Understanding the World,’ providing links with science and history. We encourage the children to explore our outdoor area and investigate the plants and animals that we find there – we draw them, label them, research them, make homes for them and follow the children’s interests in learning more about them. We introduce the beginnings of map work, encouraging children to look closely at what they see and to draw it accurately.

At Primrose Lane we also aim to instil in children a sense of environmental responsibility and encourage them to understand environmental issues at a local and global level. We have an Eco-Club who are beginning to look at important areas such as our energy efficiency and reducing litter around the school.

Running through all of our Geography work at Primrose Lane is the idea that we are motivating and inspiring our children to find out about their world, both physical and human, so that they can take an active part in contributing to and protecting this world as they grow up.


Locational Knowledge
Name and Locate Identify Characteristics
Place Knowledge
Understanding Similarities and differences
Human and Physical Geography
Use vocabulary to desribe physical features and human features
Geographical Skills and Fieldwork
To be able to use maps, atlases and globes To use compass directions
To use aerial photographs To use observational skills, measure and record


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5  Year 6

Our School and Grounds

Countries of the UK and capital cities


Non-European Country


Yeovil Study – fieldwork

 The UK -locational knowledge, counties and cities and land use

SW England (UK region)


All Around the World (locational knowledge) and land use


Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Mountains

Land Use

The Americas

Trade and Economics and land use

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