Primrose Design & Technology


At Primrose Lane we believe that a relevant, interesting D & T curriculum helps our children to become independent, creative problem solvers.

Following the National Curriculum strategy of Design – make- evaluate, we present our children with real and relevant problems and then encourage them to creatively design and make a solution. Children are then encouraged to evaluate their solutions to assess the effectiveness of their designs.

Where possible we try to link our D & T topics to other areas of our curriculum such as Science, Maths, History and Geography to further deepen the children’s learning and understanding.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Making a textile tree


Design and make a toy ambulance


Research, design and make a nutritional vegetable soup


Design and make a light up Christmas card


Design and construct a framework/shelter


Design and construct a framework/shelter


Making a fruit cocktail


Design and make shaped pizzas


Design and make a Roman Toga


Making a Viking Long boat


Design and make nachos


Design and make nachos


Moving pictures (making a book)


Design a Punch and Judy theatre



Make a class book (levers and linkages)

Making sandwich snacks


Design and make a Mayan mask


Design and make a Mayan mask


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