Covid 19 Update Info

As part of our provision during the continuing COVID 19 pandemic, the school has robust structures in place to ensure your child continues their learning should their normal in-school provision be impacted.  This will be because of either isolation of individual pupils, bubbles or an individual teacher.

Please see the details below.

Please contact the school for further information, if required.



Once you have a confirmed positive test result, if your child is well and self-isolating, we will provide work for them at home which they MUST complete and return to school. 

Please contact the school to tell us if your child is self-isolating and whether they are awaiiting a test result for themselves, or if they have to isolate for 10 days due to being in close contact with a confirmed case.

Following this, the class teacher will contact you to inform you where you can obtain the planning and resources.   The work will directly mirror what the rest of the class are doing in school.   The blended learning package may be a combination of printed resources sent home and activities posted on our Home Learning Portal, please click on the blue button.

Passwords for websites the children may need to login to, have been provided by the school.  Should you not have these at home, please contact the school office.

The class teacher may also make contact with your child via telephone calls and email support will be available via the class email address.


Lessons in class will continue as normal.  A supply teacher or Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HTLA) will teach the class.  All lessons and activities, however, will be planned and monitored by the class teacher to ensure continuity in your child's learning.

If the class teacher is out for 10 days of self isolation, the school will inform parents.

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